Stoic Philosophy – Virtue for Life

Behaviour is what makes us. Philosophy is a theory or attitude that acts as a guiding principle for behaviour. There are 100’s of philosophies out there but we found Stoic Philosophy (Stoicism) is ideal to live with. Stoicism is all about YOU.

Stoic Philosophy is all about living with virtue (high moral standards) irrespective of your situations you are in.

What is Philosophy?

Philosophy is a theory or attitude that acts as a guiding principle for behaviour. The guiding basis of one’s ideology. It helps us to live a better life. Though each person on earth can have his own philosophy. But there are some great philosophers in the world who were renovating the ideologies for a better life. Some philosophies failed. Some made it.

What is Stoic Philosophy?

Stoic Philosophy has its lineage from Western Philosophy, right from Socrates, Aristotle. Post Aristotle, several schools of philosophy came into action during the Hellenistic period. Among them, Stoic Philosophy was one.

Socratic Philosophy -> Hellenistic Philosophy(school of thoughts) -> Stoic Philosophy

Stoicism takes the position that the wise man, the good man, the philosopher must live in accordance with nature. He fears only abdicating his moral responsibility. He is not afraid of pain, He is not afraid of death. He is not afraid of poverty. He is not afraid of the vicissitudes (misfortunes) of the human condition. He fears only that he should let himself down. And that he should be less than a complete man.

Stoics are in agreement with natural laws. Stoics are just afraid of doing wrong. Only afraid of making chaos with soul. self-indulgence is of prime importance.

As history mentions, Marcus Aurelius is one of greatest stoic ever lived.

Who Started It?

Stoicism was founded by Zeno of Citium in the 3rd century BC. Based on the ethical ideas of the Cynics, it taught that the goal of life was to live in accordance with Nature. It advocated the development of self-control and fortitude as a means of overcoming destructive emotions.

The four cardinal virtues (aretai) (moral excellence) of Stoic philosophy classification derived from the teachings of Plato

  • Wisdom
  • Courage
  • Justice
  • Temperance

Stoicism and God:

Stoics have an agnostic way of belief about God. If he does not exist, we are just made of atoms and space. Relax. Just go with the flow. If God exists, God will bring in the good for you. Again relax.

Why Stoicism Shines?

Stoicism Philosophy is all about YOU. Stoic is steadfast and serious-minded in living according to nature. Your job is to not to disgrace yourself and live up to highest potentials of a human being. This is Roman’s way of telling, there is nothing to be afraid of in Life.

How to follow Stoic Philosophy?

Interestingly, you need not follow. It is there within you. Stoicism focuses on personal well being, leaving the world as it is. Being stoics consider human beings are social animals. Either teach them or put up with them. To put it in simple terms if somebody does the wrong, try to correct them. If they are not in a state of learning, just love them the way they are. Your ultimate goal is ataraxia.

Ataraxia: a state of serene calmness

Stoics aim to attain or be in a state of ataraxia. Similar to the concept of Nirvana in Buddhism. It is about being in accordance with nature while being at peace with yourself. Seems easy enough but it is not.

If interested in learning more, you can watch the following video:

The essence of greatness is the perception that virtue is enough.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson


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