Why only Bananas and Coconuts are offered to God?

Praying to God is all about purity. We want to offer the best of things to please God. Of all the various things offered, Bananas and Coconut are of prime importance. In our pursuit of exploring ancient wisdom, we found the significance of why Bananas and Coconuts are offered to God.

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Why Bananas and Coconuts are considered sacred?

Coconut and Banana are the only two-fruits which are considered to be the “Sacred Fruits”. All other fruits are tainted fruits ( partially eaten fruits by insects, birds and animals). The reason is that these fruits do not grow after throwing the leftover part. Also, these do not get germinated by bird drop.

If you eat Coconut and throw its outer shell, nothing will grow out of it. If you want to grow a coconut tree, you have to sow the entire coconut with the husk. Even in Hinduism, coconut husk is placed on a tumbler with water. This helps husk grow into a sapling.

Similarly with Banana, if you eat a banana and then throw its peel, nothing will grow out of it. The banana tree can be grown by planting its seeds or by planting a banana rhizome (called suckers). So we are offering pure fruits to God.

Nutritional and Medicinal Values:

In Addition to the above reasons, these two have the highest of nutritional values. Bananas have 89 calories per 100 gms and Coconut has 354 calories per 100 gms. As God is kind enough to sacrifice it for his devotees, Most of it will be consumed by the devotees in the form of prasadam. Hence they become healthy.

Besides spiritual reasons, there are medicinal values of coconut too. Coconut water can be used as an alternative to iv fluid (saline) in case of emergencies. No wonder it is called kalpavruksha (wish-fulfilling divine tree). We strongly suggest taking medical guide before doing so.

Thanks to our ancestors for their wisdom and making it as a system which is still followed religiously.

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